Upgrade to a Platinum Membership & start earning every time you spend with us.

Titan Rewards gives you the choice from heaps of in store rewards for your loyalty at our store on top of the already amazing value packed into our Platinum membership, for every $1 you spend we credit your account 5 points!

You can then use these points to chose from a list of free items in store.

Redeem Points for Free Items. Simple.

50 Points for one
Unicorn Ball

150 Points for one
Weekly Rental

180 Points for one
Zappo Chews

200 Points for one
Sour Straps/ Raspberry Twists/ Lolly/ Sour Lolly/Mixed Chocolate/Wrapped Lolly Bag

250 Points for one
3 Night Rental

300 Points for one
Overnight Rental

500 Points for one
1.25L or 1.1L Soft Drink

1200 Points for one
Ben & Jerrys Pint

1800 Points for one
Standard Pop Vinyl!

As we are always updating our offerings in store these items may change from time to time!

Check out our latest offerings on our Deliveroo page!

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