Yep, We are the Last Place to Rent Movies North of the River!

In our opinion DVD stores are a great community asset. We have far more content then you’ll find anywhere else in Perth, with 4K & 3D movies available to rent & buy, come check our movie Library out.

But not only that we have a ever growing range of Pop Vinyl, Collectables & Games for all ages.

What do I require for Membership?

To become a rental member, first and foremost you will need to be over the age of 18.

We require 2 types of Identification;

Main Type (Photo ID, with Name & Address):

  • Drivers License
  • Learners Permit
  • Proof of Age Card

We require secondary ID, that normally has your Name & Address:

  • Bill or Letter
  • Health Care Card / Pension Card
  • Medicare Card (as long as your address is current on your other ID)

We CAN use a Bank Card, however it must be a Visa or Mastercard.
(as long as your address is current on your other ID)

We will also need 2 contact numbers & an email address if you’d like to keep up to date with the latest offers.

Please note that we do photocopy your ID, we can not make you a membership without doing so.

After we have made your account you can add up to 5 people to use your membership but bare in mind that you are responsible for anything that is taken out from the store by people that you’ve given us permission to add.

We saw Titan Movies on Deliveroo, What do you sell on there?

Snacks of course! Everyone loves an awesome late evening snack (was going to say midnight, but then thought well our trading hours aren’t open that late!)

We’ve got ice-cream, chocolate, drinks, Ben & Jerry’s, Streets & much more. Check it out here!

We’re also on UberEats for our Ice-Cream. We’re known as Ben & Jerry’s Malaga & Desert Store Malaga.

What's your trading hours?

11am till 9pm

We have an after hours return slot in the door if you need it!

Please note movies are due before we close, items returned after this time on their due dates will be classed as overdue.

What time are my Movies Due Back?

As a blanket rule, we ask all movies to be returned before 6pm on the day they are due back. However we know that everyone is busy, so we do give you an extra 3 hours before we start applying any overdue fees. So, we give you until 9pm each night – if the movie is returned after 9pm we will charge a daily rate as below.

New Release (Overnight): $6.00 per night
New Release (3 Night) : $2.00 per night
Weekly: .40c per night

If you are overdue, and you pay your overdues at the time of dropping off your movie – we will give you a 25% discount on return. If you are a Platinum member you will get 50% off your overdue fees when you pay the same day as return.

How do I Pre-Order Pop Vinyls?

You can now Pre-Order on our website! If we don’t have the item listed on the site send us a message or visit at the Malaga store.

We will attempt to find the Pop Vinyl you seek, however with older Pop Vinyl’s this can be difficult for us.

Note if you are Per-ordering in store a 50% deposit is required.

I've purchased an item online, What's the Return Policy?

We simply try our hardest to make sure your item arrives to you in the condition it left our store. We wouldn’t ever send you anything that was broken or faulty; However after the item has left our store and has been placed in the hands of our delivery partner – we are unable to predict the way this item is handled.

If you can visibly see the package is damaged at the time of delivery, refuse the package and it will be sent back to Titan Movies & Pop Culture. We will then either sort out a replacement and/or refund.

We will always respect your rights as set out by https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-rights-guarantees

We do not exchange items based on if you didn’t like the item. We do not accept Pop! Vinyl that has been opened.

Got anymore burning questions?

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